Baby Artysh

Interactive, fun and educational concerts for babies and children up to the age of 3, who are accompanied by adults. The repertoire has a selection of classical music and children’s reading, performed on various instruments.

Duration:45' - 60'
To prepare:an open mind and pure heart
AssociatesCultural Centre of Belgrade, Museum of science and technology, Reuma Center Čačak

Children and classical music

We would like to show you that classical music can be full of joy, uplifting and very intent on taking you into a whole new world, which is everything but ‘serious’ to children. You will find out why classical music was the most popular music of one time as is the case with other types of music nowadays. It is always better to be among children and it is never too early to start socializing in a surrounding which we create while creating music. With certain pieces of music we use children’s instruments such as the rattle and wooden sticks and that way you also become an active participant in the concert.

First steps towards stars

You will enjoy a selection of music pieces, which are accompanied by spontaneous and stimulated reactions of clapping, rattling, dancing. The little ones will have an opportunity to become acquainted with the music instruments we use. After the concert, we give the stage to you and, we are sure, to some new music star.

Why should you come to this concert?

Because it is beautiful and useful. Research has shown that early exposure to music and music activities has numerous benefits when it comes to children’s development, such as: improved cognitive skills, the building of neural net, which is the base of language skills development, development of fine motorskills as well as release of dopamine, which affects the release of other hormones which create the feeling of happiness, euphoria and have a role in the system of rewards and motivation.

You are important!

At our concerts we often sing. Don’t forget to sing with your children from their earliest age. Your voice is the most beautiful music to your child’s ear. Don’t forget to switch your mobile phones off and to share understanding, the feeling of music and emotions. Children learn from you, parents, and us, pedagogues and educators, they observe, repeat, and imitate. Let us be a good example for them. 

See you at our concert!