Concerts and workshops


We have been working on this program as volunteers since 2015. In the Centre for nursing care of infants, children and youth at 7 Zvečanska Street and in at the special kindergarten facility ‘’Venčic’’. From December 2016 until June 2017 we were supported by the foreign foundation Trag, which had recognized the significance of such activities as part of the Active community public competition.

During the concert season of 2017/2018 we continue with the activities for the youngest ones at The Centre for nursing care of infants, children and youth in Zvečanska Street and at ‘’Venčic’’ kindergarten as the winners of the Superste+ public competition and in collaboration with the team of Maštalica/ TihaKnjiga.

By introducing children into the world of music we wish to open the door to a new world for them, in which they can find their expression and gain a higher level of self-confidence in their group activities. Our aim is that these contents, which influence the development of children and their skills, also help their caretakers,educators, and pedagogues so that they can make their everyday routine more refined.

By using different activities we try to include as many present and future professionals as possible, from different fields of pedagogy and education and to raise the level of awareness on how important it is to include the young in the current questions in their communities, in which they can give their significant contribution.



Music has the power to reach far deeper than all the words.


With our carefully devised content we encourage children to be active and we direct attention to what is happening around them.


It is more comfortable to be in an informal atmosphere and a surrounding that is familiar to children; this way it is easier to realize various activities and they give better results.


In collaboration with caretakers and educators we adapt the concept of the program, the choice of music pieces and the activities to suit the needs of the children participating in the program.