Milica Aleksić

Cofounder, Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist


Founder, doctor of medicine; She graduated at University of Belgrade School of Medicine and completed her Master studies, second degree at the program of studies – Medicine. During her studies at the university she did scientific research in the field of neurology and physical medicine with rehabilitation. She presented her research papers at The 56th and 57th Congress of students of biomedical sciences with international participants. From 2009 she has been gaining practical knowledge and necessary skills at the health centre for physical medicine and rehabilitation- ReumaCentar in GornjaTrepča. In 2015 she became one of the founders of ARTYSH: LAB and has been working on finding the way for various scientific proofs to find their practical aspect in working with the children of the youngest age in the field of music. She is a co-author of Baby Artysh program for babies and children age 0-3. Baby Artysh concerts for babies and children age 0-3 were created based on the collected and processed results of the research in the field of neurology and neuromusicology.

After graduating she was a medical intern at Health Centre Čačak and General Hospital in Čačak. Having passed her professional examination to become a doctor of medicine in January 2017, she enrolled at specialist degree studies at University of Belgrade School of Medicine- physical medicine and rehabilitation. She got her specialist degree in 2021. and became Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist.


Coauthor of Baby Artysh programe