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for us playing is a serious thing
music is a dangerous chemistry and childhood a complex process. In our laboratory of art and science we play with the finest sounds and discoveries. We create compounds whose aim is to trigger new reactions as an invitation to be active and do things.

Our inspiration


Developing creative programs for children 0+

The foundation of our program is based on development which is guided by a child’s natural drive: social drive, drive for building and drive for exploring. Upgrading means creative use of these resources by experts from various fields of children’s development: music performers, music pedagogues, educators, doctors, psychologists and defectologists.

What science says about the influence of music on a person

When we create our programs, we pay special attention to studying the results of research in the field of neurology, neuromusicology and psychology about the influence of music on a child’s process of growing up and development as well as means for development in the field of defectology. Such foundation in our work and creation of programs results in high quality programs and their realization in practice.

Strengthening the bond between a child and its parents

One of the most important factors in a child’s development is its closest surrounding because by watching its loved ones and wanting to be like them, a child learns the way in which it observes the world and reacts to the stimuli form it. In that context, recommendations for working within one’s home represent one of the most significant factors in the process of a child growing up. All the activities we do in our programs are “ transferable” and much desired in the ambience of one’s home.

Development of artistic audience

It is very important to teach a child to distinguish between a content of high quality and the one of lesser quality. Through repeated activities and multiple exposure to content of high quality, a child develops important paths in their brain which are further developed later on in life. If a young child’s exposure and activities are directed towards culture and art, it is highly likely that on a subliminal level they will be able to notice high quality content in a system that is oversaturated with different information and that they will show respect for those.

concerts from 26. September 2015.

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