Artysh bond concerts for babies in the womb

Koncept:Multimedia Music Event

Artysh Bond

Preparations for becoming a parent are wonderful, demanding, exciting, full of suspense. Future parents are building their world from the outside and inside in order to prepare themselves best for the baby’s arrival. Music has a special power to communicate between the outer and inner world of people and in that way it influences the creation of a special bond in the form of emotional messages between parents and their baby, who is yet to be born.

Artysh Bond – concerts for babies in the womb represent a new music program for future parents and it has been created by the ARTYSH: LAB team. The concerts are fun and educational and have the aim of taking you inside the world of music for 40 minutes, which is the time of your prenatal period which you will dedicate to your peace and creating a bond with your baby.

The concerts are created to be a multimedia music event. Selected classical music pieces, children’s reading and lullabies will be announced through educational contents about sound and the development of baby’s sense of hearing, supported by visual elements as an incentive for a more intense experience of music. The selection of music pieces and instruments, which are used to perform the program are created in accordance with the research results on the influence of music on babies and the relationship between the baby and its parents in the prenatal period. Music arrangements for the viola and the piano are on the repertoire.

Every parent is a superhero and the power of music can help them to connect with their child even before birth and to prepare the well-known surrounding for the baby’s arrival.

The number of participants is limited and it is necessary to book your place in advance via email or by contact forms on the website.