ARTYSH: LAB The beginning

ARTYSH:LAB’s beginning was just like all the important things we wish for. It was created out of the quest for meaning, as the need to express the knowledge we have gained, the skills and inborn love towards art,out of responsibility towards ourselves, our work, efforts and all the people who have passed their knowledge onto us. An elderly professor who taught at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad would always say that a talent is a force that is unstoppable, and whose pace can only be slowed down by diverting it off its course. I somehow associate that with honest intentions that come from the heart. We needed time and persistence to slowly start our project, with self-confidence and a playful idea, and now this is a project in full bloom- Baby Artysh concerts for babies.

This is a project that I made in collaboration with my sister, who is a doctor. This is a project which has gathered wonderful people who have given life to this idea with their support and knowledge, alongside the team which is made up of my friends, associates and numerous media that have recognized the importance and the beauty of this project and of course, the most wonderful audience in the world. Thanks to Baby Artysh we have gathered, joined our forces and skills and laid the foundation of ARTYSH LAB: honesty, dedication to our profession and love of music and the magnificence of childhood.

Until the moment we mastered our first steps with Baby Artysh project, we had a lot to learn and we will give our best not to let the learning process stop. We will build our knowledge and skills and will continue to create in accordance with the goals we have already set. Whenever I think that I do not know where to go next, I always find inspiration and motivation in my favourite books for pedagogy of music and children: ‘’The need for a book is as naïve as a child’s need: you reach for the life you live with all your forces, you try to catch your life and then you translate that into atoms of meanings.’’ ( Inspired Being / Jun Ruar Bjerkvol )

A talent needs to be nurtured and guided, it requires for things not to be easy for you and then it surprises you and rewards you with something unimaginable. Be strong, do not be lazy and do not hesitate to translate what you truly want into atoms of meaning.

Neda Aleksić